2 Single Doors or 1 Double Garage Door: Which Is Right for Your Home?

These garage doors are in the Princeton P-12 design, 9' x 8', Iron Ore Walnut doors and Ice White overlays, 8 lite Panoramic windows.

Combine privacy and style! Pictured here are the Princeton P-12 design garage doors, 9' x 8'. The Iron Ore Walnut and Ice White overlays add classic beauty, featuring 8 lite Panoramic windows for natural light.

Choosing a new garage door can be pretty overwhelming. There are lots of options out there, and you want your garage to look and function at its best. Your garage door and opener type are crucial choices you will need to make carefully. This article will cover both single garage doors and double garage doors.

Sizing Considerations

Beyond the aesthetic of a garage door, what’s important is its purpose. People may use their garage very differently from one to the next, so considering your own lifestyle needs is important. A well-kept garage door can last decades. With a purchase that offers this kind of longevity – it’s vital that you choose the correct garage door for you.

Below are some baseline considerations that can impact your decision to install 2 single doors versus 1 double garage door:

1. Size of your garage and size of vehicle(s)

The overall size of your garage along with the type of vehicles you will park in it greatly influences which door is right for you. For example, if you know you will be parking 2 medium size vehicles, your garage must be at least 18 feet wide by 22 feet deep.

You can locate plans with the ideal garage dimensions for single, double, or triple garage doors on the House Plans Helper's website. You can also take a look at all of the possible residential garage door sizes.

2. Your local weather

You may not consider the weather while deciding on a garage door, but you should! The larger the door = the more outdoor air gets into your garage. If you live in a very cold or very hot area, this can result in higher utility costs, if you are not careful.

3. Storage space

If you are someone who intends to use your garage as extra storage for tools, equipment, gym machinery, etc. You will want to consider which door options allow the most flexibility for such items to be stored.

4. Drivers in your home

If you have multiple drivers in your home, it can affect which garage door is best for you. For example, if you live with a partner who works odd hours, it may be best to opt for 2 single garage doors, so each driver can come and go independently.

There is a lot to consider. You don’t want to accidentally overlook any important aspects of your design. Don’t feel overwhelmed – there are plenty of great resources out there to decide.

Benefits of 2 Single Garage Doors

These garage doors are the Vog design, 9' x 7', Charcoal, window layout: Left-side Harmony.

The sleek Charcoal color of these garage doors harmonizes well with the warm wood finishes and beige tone of the 2 entrances. These garage doors are the Vog design, 9' x 7', Charcoal, with a modern Left-side Harmony window layout.

Freedom and Independence

Having two garage doors that operate separately will allow for much more freedom. For example, if you live with a young adult who works late hours or often visits friends at odd hours, you might not want to be woken up to move your car so they can exit!

Having 2 garage doors makes it easy for each person to have an allocated space. You will not have to trade parking spots or move cars around each other based on who needs to leave first.

Having 2 single garage doors is also beneficial if one door needs a repair or in an emergency where you need to exit quickly. Having two independent doors means one is always going to be functioning.

Creatively, you have much more flexibility with 2 single-door designs. You can use one side as a fitness center, woodshop, kids’play area, art studio, and so much more. You will have a separate ‘entryway to your workspace that is separate from the entryway you will use for your car. Even better, you can keep that side closed, so neighbors do not know what you are doing or what valuable items you may have.

If that sounds interesting and you’re looking to transform a part of your garage into a more usable space, check out this article on 30 garage organization and conversion ideas from HGTV’s website.

An inspiring picture of garage transformed into a home gym

Who needs a gym membership? Customize your home fitness center by converting a part of your garage! Read the 5 simple steps to converting your garage into a fitness room from The Spruce’s webpage to learn more. Image from of Pexels.


With a 2-door garage, the usage of each individual door is decreased. Especially in the case that one side has been converted to a gym or workspace, it’s likely that door will have much fewer opens and closes per year.

Basically, by choosing a garage with 2 separate doors, you cut down the usage on both doors dramatically. You will experience fewer cycles annually.

The Importance of Insulation

In a garage with 2 single doors, only one-half needs to open every time someone enters or exits. This greatly decreases the amount of outside air that is pushed into the home with every operation.

When you have 2 single garage doors, you can limit the amount they are open much more. In a single-door garage design, a large amount of outdoor air is pushed into the home every time someone exits or enters. There’s really no way to stop this, except to ensure you have the proper insulation.

If you’re concerned about your insulation, research your R-Value. This is the ability of a substance to retard the transmission of heat. The higher the R-Value, the better the insulation is! You can get an estimation of your R-Value needs here.

Generally, you will want to ensure you have proper insulation regardless of the type of door you install. However, it’s especially vital to pay attention to the insulation if you plan to have a single double-car garage door.

These garage doors are in the Eastman E-21 design, 9' x 7', Claystone doors and Ice White overlays, 8 lite Panoramic windows.

Look how 2 garage doors add to the design of this beautiful home. The garage doors featured here Eastman E-21 design 9' x 7', with Claystone doors and Ice White overlays that give it a quaint and farm-like look and feature 8 lite Panoramic windows.

Benefits of installing a double garage door

This garage door is a Moderno Multi design, 16' x 8', Chocolate Walnut, window layout: Left-side Harmony.

A double garage door can keep your home looking classic and simplified. The garage door pictured above is the Moderno Multi design, 16' x 8', in Chocolate Walnut, with a modern Left-side Harmony window layout.


If you decide to install a double garage door, you’ll be rewarded with a multifaceted space. These garage doors offer flexibility because you are not restrained by two separate openings. You can also fit larger vehicles through with more ease.

In the garage, you’ll enjoy an open-concept space, unrestricted by a double entryway. This is perfect if you want to use your garage for other activities. Also, if you want to store small recreational vehicles there, such as a motorbike or ATV, you’d be able to do so easily, due to the flexibility of its open design.

If you’re the only vehicle owner in the house, it makes sense to opt for a double garage door. You only need one entryway and can enjoy better use of your space.

A double garage door also offers a sleek and polished look. While adding two garage doors to your home may look distracting or messy, adding only one usually looks much more subdued. Folks chasing a sleek and simple look may gravitate towards the double garage door.

With a double garage door, you can utilize all of that open-concept space to store tons of belongings or equipment. Organization is key to making it look nice. Check out 55 ideas for practical and aesthetically pleasing storage of your belongings if you need some help getting started on your garage’s organization.

This garage door is North Hatley LP design, 16' x 8', Moka Brown, 4 vertical lite Orion windows.

A double-door garage adds subtle luxury to any exterior! The garage door pictured here is a North Hatley LP design, 16' x 8', in Moka Brown, with 4 vertical lite Orion windows for natural light.

Anticipated maintenance

In a garage with two single doors, you have double everything. With double the number of components, you can expect double the amount of maintenance. You also have two openers, double the springs, and double the cables.

Not only is it more maintenance, but it can also be more difficult to keep up with scheduling servicing and repairs. One door might need a spring replacement one week, then two weeks later your other door could need a cable replacement!

To avoid this frustrating occurrence, it's best to have a qualified door technician take a look at your whole garage system while they are there.

Your technician should also visit your home annually for a tune-up. This helps ensure the doors are in good working order. Annual upkeep will prolong the life of your garage doors, and who wouldn’t want that?

Periodic upkeep is always important, some of which you can do at home and save some money. You can use a lubricant made for PVC parts and a separate lubricant for hardware. Plenty of these lubricants are available online and in retail stores. If you have questions about which to use, don’t be afraid to get the advice of a professional!

This 2-car garage door is a Standard+ Shaker-Modern XL design, 16' x 8', Iron Ore Walnut, Sandblasted windows / Coordinated with Soho entry door from Novatech's Shaker Collection.

Consider how sleek this double garage door is! The double garage door featured here is a Standard+ Shaker-Modern XL design, 16' x 8', Iron Ore Walnut, with private Sandblasted windows, coordinated with a Soho entry door from Novatech's Shaker Collection

Picking a functional garage door opener

So, you’ve decided on a garage door. That’s great news – but the work isn’t over yet! You will need to select a suitable garage door opener that’s compatible with your garage door.

Interested in a high-tech garage door opener? Look no further than LiftMaster. As part of the Chamberlain Group, they are known internationally for their garage door opener solutions.

Most recently, they have introduced garage door openers with cutting-edge myQ technology, allowing you the ability to control and monitor your garage remotely.

Whether you’re at the office or the beach, it’s like you never left home with myQ’s technology. With this opener, you will never worry again about the security of your empty garage. These remote features offer optimal functionality and peace of mind for your busy life.

Try the most recent LiftMaster garage door openers with myQ app technology.

The new LiftMaster garage opener allows you peace of mind! With myQ technology, you are always up to date with what’s going on in your home! Here are 9 uses for a smart LiftMaster garage door opener.

How to determine which garage door opener is right for you

Making the right choice on a car door opener purchase will look different for every homeowner. For some, the perfect garage door opener would be one with remote accessibility and smart controls, like myQ. For others, the perfect door opener is something sturdy that can easily lift a heavy 2-car garage door.

You should take note of the space and height of your garage, as well as the kind of door you have. Certain openers are best on certain types of doors. Since there are so many options and many factors that go into making the right choice, we recommend you meet with a specialist if you are unsure what the best option is for your garage.

Your new garage door

At the end of the day, everything about the garage door, from design to size, is all up to you. You know your home and lifestyle best! Most important is that you love the door you choose.

Tailor a garage door to your design preferences

Maple Overhead Garage Doors is a great place to find tons of different designs and color palettes. They have a substantial selection of top-quality residential garage doors. You will find them grouped into style types, but do not feel like you need to box yourself in. You can customize all aspects of your new door using the Design Centre.

The Design Centre allows you to create unique designs and color palettes. The Design Centre is a powerful visual tool that can help you imagine all the possibilities. Always wondered what your home would look like with green garage doors? Using the Design Centre – you can finally see it, without making any purchases.

Aside from all the great visual functions it has, The Design Centre also features a cost convenient estimator. You can easily request a free quote and see if it aligns with your budget.

Need professional assistance with your garage?

The talented crew at Maple Overhead Garage Doors is ready to help you with installing or maintenance on your garage door. Employing a committed team of experienced and highly skilled technicians, Maple Overhead Garage Doors’team can do it all. Need professional help? Call 905-738-9231 to connect with our welcoming team. We are here to assist you!

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